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About Us

The digital platform IGrowth is a new, dynamic and innovative tool used for automatic follows on Instagram, creating a strong presence for your company. It started as a need in the digital market and quickly became the necessary step into a successful strategy for your brand.

The IGrowth platform is for everybody. Whether you are an influencer, or you manage social accounts for clients, or you have a business and an e-shop, IGrowth allows you to engage quickly with the right audience.

The steps are quite simple. You enter IGrowth, choose the pack that most fits your interests and then you match your Instagram profile with the options given. This way you attract real Instagram users that share common interests with you and your brand and are potential clients of yours.

Until now, the search and communication with the right users was a process that required months. The innovation in this platform is in its speed and quality of its results:

  • Target your audience and let IGrowth start the automatic followings, without any restrictions.
  • Automatic unfollows and canceled pending requests to keep your profile clean, at the end of each week.
  • Choose the users that you wish IGrowth avoids, for the following and unfollowing process.
  • Let IGrowth to promote your profile 24/7 without any actions from you.

IGrowth doesn’t use techniques that attract fake profiles and bots. The element that makes the IGrowth platform stand out is that it functions like a human hand, ready to bring you closer to your audience.

In a digital world where the demands are always changing, follow a strategy that guarantees the results you are looking for.