How does it work?

The app applies the best possible strategy in order to maximize the number of your followers.

  • The program sends daily follow requests to users, at the time you have set.
  • 12 hours later it checks the users that have replied to the request and cancels the unsuccessful requests.
  • Moreover it checks the users who followed back and erases the rest. (It goes without saying that filtered users are not erased).
  • This process continues for a week. In the end of each week all the users you follow (even the ones who followed back) are unfollowed and only filtered users are kept. This way your profile remains “clean” at the end of each week.

Advice: Set a morning starting app time, in order for the requests to be sent during the day, when all users are active. This way the non-followers back will be erased during the night without them realizing it directly.

How many followers will I have per month?

It depends on many factors:

  • The source you will choose. The more reliable the source you choose to follow people, the more related they will be to your own content, the more followers you will have.
  • Content. The richer the content you upload is, and as long as your audience enjoys your content, the more followers you will have. Your posts and stories are the most important reason for somebody to follow you.
  • Avoiding blocks. Refrain from offering the management of your account to other people. Multiple connections from different locations may block your account. Furthermore, you will have to abstain from following multiple people at the same time using the app. The longer an account is blocked, the more it remains idle and without followers.

Instagram only allows 6000 follow/month. By taking the above under consideration you make sure to maximize follow backs from the 6000 follow requests you will have sent.

Generally an account with average and interesting content or a new account with no followers has 400 followers/month (with a clean profile), while an account with many followers, interesting content and product/service may even reach 1000 followers.

What do I have to do?

The only thing you will have to do after you have set your account to igrowth.app is:

  • Inform igrowth.app for any changes of the username or password in your Instagram account.
  • Check if your fake profiles are active. (In case any of them deactivates you will be informed by email).
  • Check the app’s development and functionality by login in igrowth.app.

If you use multiple sources and the number of users is sufficient, then the app can run for a whole year without stop. You will only have to renew your membership to igrowth.app.

Does it ever turn off?

No. The app can operate 24/7. The only way to stop it is to deactivate it.

Does the app influent my account?

No. The app operates under the regulations that Instagram sets. Moreover, it can foresee any violations of boundaries through feedback sent by Instagram and anticipate the blocking of your account. If you yourself don’t violate the regulations then you will face no problem.

How do I load source lists?

The source lists are automatically loaded. All you need to do is to input the username of the profile from which you wish to “grab” followers.

Can I keep my friends?

Of course. You can filter the users you want to keep and the app will never unfollow them. You can add them to the list of filtered users or automatically load the users you already follow to the list.

Can I avoid people?

Yes. You can filter users so that the app never follows them, even if it finds them in a source list.

Do I need to buy proxy ip?

No, everything is included in the package we offer. The app provides its own safe proxy ips, which it shares automatically with its users.