Igrowth.app does not collect any personal ID data from private users, unless the users provide them willingly. This kind of information- even collected- will in no case be leaked to third-parties without the users’ approval.

Igrowth.app has the right to use collected data for statistical research without the users’ approval. This research may pertain to the visitation enumeration of the whole version or part of it. Igrowth.app will offer the results of the research to third-parties, not the users’ private information.

Users/visitors should also be informed that, by using igrowth.appand its service, non-private information may automatically be gathered in the form of small text files (cookies), which are used to identify users, who often visit igrowth.app to improve their service, like the improvement of appearance, interactivity, personal pages and indexes.

The services above are valid from June 1st, 2020. igrowth.app has the right to alter this statement at any time and will therefore inform its users/visitors about any changes. This private declaration and the policies analyzed in it neither aim to nor create any form of legal or contractual obligation against igrowth.app or its operating company.


1. Definitions

Igrowth.app is an interactive online service on the Internet (World Wide Web), which consists of information and promotion services of Instagram accounts.

Subscribers are people or companies that sustain or use an “account” connection through Internet for the igrowth.app to use.

2. In general

(A) By using igrowth.app the subscriber agrees to comply to the terms and conditions provided presently (unless the person visits the website for the first time). The subscriber’s right to use igrowth.app is personal and not transferable, especially when it is subscription units use. Subscribers are responsible for any use (under any username depicted on the screen and any “password” codes) and should at all times comply to the reports of this text. The subscriber will be responsible for the protection of the confidentiality of the existing passwords he uses.

(B) Igrowth.app reserves the right to change or cease any of its aspect or feature, including and not limiting its: (a) content, (b) function and (c) usage limitations.

3. Change of terms

Igrowth.app reserves the right to change or alter the terms and conditions, under which subscribers are able to access igrowth.app. Under this arrangement, igrowth.app has the right to alter or add a new debit instruction of any service, as well as change its availability and payment period. Igrowth.app is going to publish the new instructions (with immediate validity) in the means deemed appropriate (i.e Internet, e-mail etc). Any use of igrowth.app from its subscribers will be considered subjected to it.

4. Account

The subscriber is responsible for the possession and maintenance of his account on igrowth.app, which is not accountable for any responsibilities and does not guarantee the results of your account’s promotion on Instagram.

5. Subscription management

(A) Igrowth.app must only be used for legal purposes. The subscriber must not share via igrowth.app content that may contain illegal, threatening, abusive, offending or defamatory material or any material that violates people’s rights in any way, when he uses igrowth.app and the services it provides. The content of igrowth.app should also not assault private or public rights, it must not be obscene, unholy or in any other way displeasing and must not encourage any contact, which constitutes a criminal infringement or gives the right for a legal conflict and break any law in general. Moreover, any publication of advertisement or notification, which is opposed to what is mentioned above, is not allowed without the former written approval from igrowth.app. Any subscriber’s “use”, which causes a problem to another subscriber’s pleasant and seamless enjoyment of the services of igrowth.app will not be permitted. A subscriber (natural or legal person), who uses igrowth.app and any of its services is not allowed to do so to perform any commercial solicitation of customers, including (but not limited) to the solicitation of subscribers –users for the use of another, competitive to igrowth.app information service. For an arrangement of this sort there must be a prior SEPARATE AGREEMENT.

(B) Subscribers must not upload or transmit data through the data completion form or make the protected copyright material accessible to igrowth.app, from trademarks it does not own or for which it does not own WRITTEN licence. Subscribers are, according to the laws of each state, accounted for the violation of copyrights and will be burdened with any compensation requested by the owner of a copyright, which is protected by the laws of that or any other state.

6. Personal information

The Company collects personal data, which you voluntarily offer, including your full name, e-mail address, IP address, connection data and instagram information, credit card numbers and pricing information. The Company uses the data in order to run your app and offer the best possible service, to communicate with you and –with your consent- to inform, at some cases, about information, special offers or services according to your expressed desires.

Especially if you are subscribed to our service using an account in social media (indicatively but not restrictively LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, instagram) the collected data are connected with the media provider’s privacy policy, which you are asked to examine in connection with what is provided for in this paragraph.

The collection of your personal data within the Service is limited by the Company exclusively to the ones necessary for the customers’ satisfaction or for the provision of the Service. This collection is anchored to one of the following legal basis:

The main legal basis is your explicitly expressed consent, as received by you when a newsletter or other personalized services was sent with a reference to the present Terms- Privacy Policy.

The following are collected in automated way:

IP Addresses may be registered for safety reasons or for statistic analysis of Internet trends.

Cookies are used for the visitor’s/user’s identification of some services and websites. The Website and connected applications use cookies

Cookie is a file which contains an identification code (a sequence of numbers and letters), which has been sent from a server to a navigator, where it is stored. Every time the navigator requests a webpage from the server, the identification code is also sent back to him.

Cookies may be either permanent or one-connection only. Permanent cookies are saved by the navigator and remain active until their expiration date or until the user deletes them. Cookies that are used only in one session expire after the end of the connection and as soon as the navigator shuts down.

Cookies do not store data, which can personalize the user, but private data, which are saved from the website and concern the users/visitors and can be connected to the stored information and received from the cookies.

The website and the connected applications use “permanent” cookies, one-connection cookies or both permanent and one-connection cookies.

Most users’ browsers allow the refusal of cookies use, for example:

  • (a) In Internet Explorer (edition 11 or higher) the use of cookies can be blocked by using the by-pass settings. Select «Tools», «Network options», «Privacy» and «Advanced».
  • (b) In Firefox (edition 39 or higher) the use of cookies can be blocked by selecting «Tools», «Options», «Privacy», then you should select «Use custom service for history» from the menu and unmark «Accept cookies from sites».
  • (c) In Chrome (edition 44 or higher) the use of cookies can be blocked if you visit «Customize and Control» menu, «Settings», «Advanced settings» and «Site settings», then press «Delete cookies and other site data» under «Cookies».
  • (d) In Safari (edition 5.1.7 or higher) the use of cookies can be blocked if you choose «Preferences» from Safari menu, then select «Privacy» and proceed to any of the following actions. For permanent block of cookies: Safari does not permit websites, third parties, and advertisers to store cookies and other data on your Mac. This may prevent some websites from working properly.

Use of Cookies only from existing Website: Safari accepts cookies and website data only from the website used by the user on the time of connection. Sometimes the content of websites is sourced from other sites. Safari does not allow cookies or other data to be stored or accessed by Third-Parties.

Allow Use in every Website I visit: Safari accepts cookies and data only from Websites visited by the user. Safari uses your existing cookies to determine if the user has visited a Website in the past. If you select this setting you block the storage of cookies and other content from Websites in Mac, whose embedded content is found in the websites that the user visits.

Denying the use of cookies will have a negative impact during your visit of many webpages.

If cookies are not allowed, user will not be able to use all the potentials of the website or its connected applications.

User is able to delete cookies which have already been saved in his computer. For example:

  • a) In Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher) users are able to delete cookies manually.
  • b) In Firefox (version 39 or higher) user can delete cookies by selecting “Tools”, “Options”, “Privacy & Security”, and then select “Use of Personal parameters for History” from scowling menu, then select “View Cookies” and “Remove Cookies”.
  • c) In Chrome (version 44 or higher) users are able to delete all cookies from “Settings” menu, “Privacy and Security”, select “Clear Browsing Data”, in tab “Advance”. Then select “Cookies and other site data” and finally press “Clear Data”.
  • d) In Safari (version 5.1.7 or higher) users are able to clear all cookies in the preference window of Safari in the tab “Privacy”. User can set his options for the acceptance of Cookies next to “Block Cookies”. Select “Team and Advertisement” – “Always” or “Never”. If cookies are already saved, select “Details”. If you wish to clear data from all webpages, simply select “Clear All”. Press “End” to return to “Settings” window. Deleting cookies, may have negative impact on the use of many webpages or connected applications.

In the next links you can gather more information for managing cookies in each browser:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Analytical tools of providers for internet advertisement (including but not limited to Google analytics). Each of these can be deactivated through the browser you already use.

Advertisement Exceptions pages

If you wish you can manage the Google advertisements you see in igrowth.app and other webpages from page “Advertisement Settings” : https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/?

You can manage cookies of many businesses used for online advertisement on «Your Onine Choices» page (http://www.youronlinechoices.com/) which refers to the European Union or on aboutads.info choices (http://www.aboutads.info/choices), which refers to the USA.

Web Beacons

We do not provide your personal data to third-parties. The sole exception may be our legal obligation or your approval. We do not provide personal data to third parties for direct use or promotional purposes.

Nevertheless, it is possible, under the automated recording of personal data, for your (automated recorded) data to be gathered by commercial companies or advertisers. You can deactivate this ability through your browser.

For the safety of your data the Company applies privacy policies. Their goal is the protection from an unauthorized use, loss or destruction. If by any chance a damage occurs to your personal data from the above, we will take any necessary step for its restriction, disclosure to the authorities and with their cooperation its correction.

7. Compensation

The Subscriber agrees to protect, ensure and not cause legal conflicts or requirements to igrowth.app, cooperating companies or the operator. Igrowth.app does not take responsibility for the total accuracy of its subscriber’s content and is always ready for the rectifying of any inaccuracies.

8. Termination

Igrowth.app or its Subscriber can report this agreement at any time. Without being limited to the above, igrowth.app has the right to terminate its subscribers’ connection to any service immediately, in case of him being, willingly or unwillingly, subject to a technical problem.

9. Various

This arrangement and any functional term of igrowth.app which was established from igrowth.app in the present text replaces any previous term and covers it in every part. Additional provisions and terms can be published in every part of igrowth.app ( like notices, expression of opinion, information completion form, competitions etc) and fill the present text.